We are industry leading epoxy resin floor specialists who have installed our floors at all types of properties throughout the UK

The best in the business

Our floor are not only stunning in appearance but our team of installers are the absolute best in the business. Big claim we know!

True artists of our work

From the first visit to your property our epoxy floor experts can help advise you on the perfect design & colour which will work best at your property 

We are highly experienced so you are in safe hands with the team at Spartan Resin Design. Our installation team have worked at all types of properties; homes, shops, bars, offices, commercial units and many more. No matter where you are across the UK, our team can install the most incredible floor!

The most amazing floors

Laying an epoxy resin floor has many benefits, of course they look amazing...but they are practical too. Take a read of just a few of the key benefits below:


When we say these floors are unique we mean it. Each floor can be made to your style & taste with thousands of colour & pattern combinations


There can be very few floors which will last over time the same way as epoxy resin floors can. They can also be looked after with aftercare packages


Epoxy resin floors couldnt be eaiser to clean, unlike tile floors there are no grout or places where dirt can gather. Quick clean too


Typically it takes around 3 days to prepare, treat and design your new epoxy resin floor. This means it wont be long until you can enjoy your new floor

Discover Our Incredible floors

Floors that make a statement at your property

Our floors never fail to wow all that see them. The best part here is that we can work with you to bring your vision to life and make sure your room is perfectly complimented by your new floor from Spartan Resin

What our clients say

John & Karen
John & Karen
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“..First word is WOW...second is thank you to Martin & the team at Spartan Resin. You were thoroughly professional from the first call we had, answering all questions we had, making us feel comfortable and excited about our new floor. And you did not disappoint. We are so happy...and you have even been to do our neighbours house too...our floor is better, of course. Thank you!..”
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“..Absolutely spot on. Floor as promised, actually exceeded my expectation. All delivered on time and professionally. It's very easy to recommend Spartan Resin to anyone looking for a new floor..”

Frequently asked questions

Each job we undertake is different, from your distance from us…to the existing surface…to the style of floor. Each variable can impact the cost of your floor. As a very rough estimate we give the cost of £100 per square metre to give you some guidance

We typically say it takes around 3 days from start to finish but again this will vary from job to job. The first couple of days are spent preparing and treating the floor before working on the design on day 3.

A good microfibre dust mop will do the trick. Dampen the mop for best results. Keeping a good sized carpet like rug at the entry/ exit points helps keep from tracking abrasive dirt and sand into the property. It is very important to install felt pads or rubber pads under the feet of any free standing furniture to prevent any unwanted scuffs or dulling on high gloss floors (chairs, barstool, rocking chairs, tables etc). Maintaining your floor is easier than you think. What you should do it to use your dust mop around once a week, to gather up dust or dirt. You can also hose down or to wash your floor and then use a squeegee to soak up then residue. Then every 3-4 months you can give it a vigorous scrub (perfect when the floor is heavily trafficked by machinery.  You will need a hard foam mop as a string mop will leave streaks

It is highly recommend to use a ratio of 8:1 simple green in a spray bottle mixed with hot water. This will work absolute wonders. Extra care will be required to keep that extra gloss. Lucky for you, our team offer aftercare packages that are just incredible. Please ask for more information.

This is a premium surface that involves a high level of skill and artistry. It is comparable in cost with having a tiled floor installed, however, epoxy resin floors do not run the risk of breaking like tiles so offer am excellent long term cost effective solution.

We do offer our customers sample boards (on occasions these might come at a small cost), these will have an indication of the expected style. As our floors typically cover a large surface area the floors may appear different in areas. Remember, this is a unique floor, that isn’t a perfect exact replica to any sample, you are paying for the artistry of our installer so must expect imperfect area.