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High Build Epoxy Coating Floors

Residential, industrial & Commercial epoxy resin floors

Elevate Your Space with High Build Epoxy Coating Floors

Welcome to Spartan Resin Design, your trusted partner for transforming spaces with superior High Build Epoxy Coating Floors. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we bring you a flooring solution that marries durability with style. Our skilled professionals are dedicated to delivering excellence in every project.

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Elevate Your Property with an epoxy resin floor

High Build Epoxy Coating Floors are a robust flooring solution designed for longevity and visual appeal. This multi-layered coating system creates a high-gloss finish that not only enhances the aesthetics of your space but also provides exceptional durability against heavy foot traffic, abrasions, and chemicals. Whether in commercial or residential settings, High Build Epoxy Coating Floors deliver both style and resilience.

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Where Can High Build Epoxy Coating Floors Be Applied?

High Build Epoxy Coating Floors are a versatile choice, suitable for various environments:

Elevate your home with a durable and sleek flooring solution in living spaces, kitchens, and more.

From showrooms to warehouses, these coatings withstand the demands of high-traffic commercial areas

Epoxy Resin Industrial

High Build Epoxy Coating Floors are engineered to resist industrial stresses, making them perfect for factories and manufacturing facilities.e

How does the process work?

Our installation process for High Build Epoxy Coating Floors involves several key steps:


We thoroughly prepare the surface, ensuring optimal adhesion of the coating.

Base Coat

A high-quality base coat is applied, serving as the foundation for the coating system.


The high build epoxy coating is meticulously layered to achieve the desired thickness.


A protective top coat is added for enhanced durability and a glossy finish.


The coated area is allowed to cure, and our experts conduct a thorough inspection to ensure quality.


Frequently asked questions

High Build Epoxy Coating Floors stand out for their multi-layered structure that combines aesthetic appeal with remarkable durability. Unlike traditional flooring, our coatings offer a high-gloss finish that resists heavy foot traffic, chemicals, and abrasions. This combination of style and resilience makes them a superior choice for both commercial and residential spaces.

High Build Epoxy Coating Floors are a game-changer for commercial spaces due to their ability to withstand the rigors of high footfall and daily operations. From showrooms to warehouses, these coatings offer an attractive, easy-to-maintain surface that can withstand the demands of your business while maintaining a polished appearance.

At Spartan Resin Design, our expertise is more than just a service; it’s a commitment to excellence. Our skilled professionals bring years of experience and an eye for detail to every project. We pride ourselves on using top-grade materials and employing meticulous installation techniques, ensuring that each High Build Epoxy Coating Floor we create is a testament to quality and longevity.

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